Sunday, April 30, 2017

Short, busy April

April 1, Emily's friend Ivanna, from Wyoming, lately from Pennsylvania, came for a weekend visit.

 Her visit coincided with revival at church, so she enjoyed being here for the ending day of revival.  We had the assistant pastor's family and the evangelist, Jacob Martin, over for Sunday dinner.
 That afternoon, Rowen and our girls, Ivanna, and a friend from GBS, Kendra, went for a walk in Eden Park.
 The next day, Emily had off work and she and Ivanna went to the Creation Museum together.
 That evening, we had Andrew Smith, Karen, and Kendra over for supper and games.
 We have enjoyed the Redbud trees blooming this spring!  They seem to grow naturally along many roadsides, as well as in neighbors' yards.
 We have noticed several of our neighbors have Jane Magnolia trees or bushes, which had such beautiful pink blossoms! 
So many beautiful blooming trees this spring!
 Jeffrey and Lesa came for a weekend visit and we had Floyd Hyatt, a dear Christian man who works at GBS and also jail ministry who recently lost his wife, over for supper and games.
The next day, we went to a wedding of a friend of our family, but especially friend of Jeffrey's.  We thought the Bible bearer was so cute!
 Amit Dutta and Lorna Rundell married on April 8.
A meal outside with Jeffrey and Lesa.  (It was slightly cool, so we had the umbrella down so the sunshine would warm us.) 
 Jeffrey and Lesa left for Indiana to help paint a mission home there, then they returned here the following week.
 Lesa's sister, Emily, wanted to spend Easter weekend with us, so our Emily and Janet drove to Jackson, Kentucky to pick her up from her school at Kentucky Mountain Bible College.
We went on a walk with her in our neighborhood and loved the lilacs in bloom!
 We don't know what to call this beautiful tree, but we have nicknamed it the carnation tree.
 So very beautiful!
 Admiring the "carnation" tree.
 That night, an owl flew over us eating supper on the deck and landed in one of our backyard trees!
Elizabeth and the two Emilys
 Emily M went with our girls to help at the church's kids' Easter party.
 There were a bunch of kids there!
 Our assistant pastor's wife and her two boys with their "found" eggs.
 Jeffrey and Lesa came back for Easter and got to be with Lesa's sister too!
 We did Easter pictures:  Jason and Karen
 Lesa and Jeffrey
 Rowen and Janet
 The Albertsons and Emily 
 The Albertsons and Karen
It was pouring rain on Easter Sunday at noon.  We caught our pastor and his wife being sweet and trying to keep dry as they walked across the church parking lot to their house!
 The next day, Jeffrey and Lesa took her sister back to KMBC and then returned to us.  Randy and Joy and their family drove all day from South Dakota arriving in time for a late supper.  Here Lesa is holding Mishael for the first time.
 Grandpa and Jewelyn getting reacquainted
 Joy and the children eating.
 Randy and Joy and family went on to Dayton, Ohio that night for the three days of services at IHC (Interchurch Holiness Convention).  We Taylor Mill Albertsons all were off work and school on Wednesday to go to IHC.  This was a first time to attend for Rowen, Janet, and Emily.  Below, Janet has "grandma" time with Mishael in the Women of Worth meeting.  We got to see more of Lesa's family at IHC.
 Albertsons and McKays at IHC
 We went to a yummy pizza restaurant for lunch with them.
It's hard to picture how many people were there. This is a portion of the youth that were present each day in the Hour of Discovery services. 
 A slice of the crowd in the evening service taken over Emily's shoulder.  No way to take a picture and get the whole crowd, without being disruptive.  There were thousands of people there!
The children coming in for their presentation time in the Thursday afternoon service
 Micah in red plaid left of center
 Jonathan and Quil in red plaid shirts, center and right of center
 Jewelyn enjoying the children's chapel
 Elizabeth visiting with our friend, Mikah. 
 Rowen and Janet visiting with a missionary friend.
 Rowen and Janet chatting with Noel Scott
 A beautiful red maple there by the convention center
  Micah sitting with Uncle Jason in the evening.
 Jonathan and Jewelyn being good, and cheesy.
 Emily with her niece and nephews
 Emily with Jewelyn.  (She turned three this week!)
 Visiting after service
 After IHC was over, Randy and Joy's family spent Friday at the Ark Encounter, then came over for supper and stayed the night before heading back to SD.  Karen was here too.  Also Joy's parents, Jim and Janice, were here for the mealtime.
 Jason and Mishael
 The only picture with Randy in it, and he has his head turned.  Also their friend, Samuel Blowers, was with them.
 I got Jason and Karen's wedding quilt bound and finished on April 24.  I love the backing, which is different than any I have used before.  It feels smooth and silky!
 The colors are coral and gray--their wedding colors.
 The last week of April, we didn't have guests, just did our jobs and school and fought off colds and sore throats.  I guess we were worn out!  But we have enjoyed all our visitors and the extra blessings of revival and IHC services.

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