Monday, November 14, 2016


Our son, Jason Albertson announces his engagement to Karen Olson.  They are planning a Summer 2017 wedding.  Congratulations and lots of love to Jason and Karen!!!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

We are keeping busy and out of trouble!

 Last time I mentioned that Rowen and Tim had installed our above-the-range microwave.  This picture shows it in place, and the position he had to get into to install the paper plate holder next to the under-counter CD player.
Rowen put a bird feeder right by our deck where we see many birds feasting every day through the kitchen window or the deck doors.  We especially enjoy the cardinals since we didn't have them in Colorado.
Rowen built a bench in the garage.  Half of the garage is his work space.  He has done more work on it since this picture was taken.
At Homecoming at God's Bible School and College, Elizabeth helped to man the missions booth at the street fest.
One Sunday when we had Retha Elger over for dinner, we taught her how to play Balderdash.
We have enjoyed the beautiful fall colors so much.  This was taken at the end of our street.
The next ones were taken out the van window on the way to church.
On October 22-23, our church had a Family Fest weekend.  Below our assistant pastor, Andy Stroud is making announcements.
A family in the church brought a Shetland Pony for the young children to have pony rides.
The children also enjoyed the bounce house.
The ladies had a How-to Booth about making holiday decorations.  The men had a booth about guy stuff after the ladies were done.
Emily was an adult on duty at the bounce house.  She is with her new friend, Katie Stamper.

We had a chili cook-off with prizes for the winners.  This is the line to get the yummy food.
It was a chilly day where a jacket felt good!  Janet and Regina Stetler, our loving pastor's wife.
Emily with another new friend, Heidi Manns.
The Stamper family brought their air guns and people tried to shoot ping pong balls off of golf tees in a big, safe box.  Emily had never tried that before.  She had fun trying.
On Sunday we had a church
"pitch-in" dinner, as they call potlucks in Kentucky!  :)
Elizabeth was watching some of the children play.
The Loper family gave a concert in the afternoon.
A neat picture of our friend Mr. Cardinal.
We took down the privacy fence around our basement patio so we can use the concrete pad there for a shed.  Our backyard is too sloping to put a shed there.
With Emily working full-time, and Elizabeth and Jason in school and work and gone all the time, Rowen has to rely on inexperienced help!
We finally got to have Becky and Ron Profitt over for a Friday evening visit.  Karen, Jason's girlfriend also came for the evening.  You can tell Jason was glad about it! :)
Karen keeps really busy teaching English to 5-8 graders, so we don't see enough of her.
It's great that we live close enough to see Becky and Ron every now and then.  Becky is Rowen's sister.  They lived in Grand Cayman for many years, but now they live in Ohio.
We had the Dickinson family over for a Saturday visit and Emily enjoyed playing violin music with Sarah and Kimberly.
Sarah, Kimberly, and Emily
Pastor Appreciation service October 30.  
Our associate pastor Andy, wife Sherilyn, Wilson and Karilee.
 Our senior pastor, Darrell Stetler, wife Regina, and grandson Marshall.  
Marshall belongs to Andy and Sherilyn.  Sherilyn is the Stetlers' daughter.  
What wonderful people they are and how we do love them!!!
 There were two vases, one for each family, that we put notes into saying how we saw Jesus in them.  Lots of people spoke their appreciation.  There was a video of all the church's children and young people telling what they love about our pastors.  Everybody enjoyed the service.
On October 31, Rowen and I were gone to Tennessee, so we missed the overnight visit of the McKays.  Emily, Jason, and Elizabeth hosted them in our absence.
They were travelling through the area and needed a place to stay overnight.  We have stayed with them quite a few times in Iowa before Jeffrey and Lesa (McKay) got married this summer.  Elliot, Olivia, Jan, and Emily McKay in front of our house.
Emily with the McKay ladies right before she left to work at Chick-fil-A
Meanwhile, Rowen and Janet were in Johnson City, Tennessee helping Janet's sister, Sherry, decorate the apartment she and her husband Tim Wampler have just moved into.  We also got to be with Marlene, Janet's youngest sister, since she had driven out with Sherry.
Marlene, Sherry, Janet
Besides putting things on the walls, we helped by putting together two of these bathroom cupboards.
When we left, Marlene and Sherry were on the balcony.  We are praying for Tim in his new job, for Sherry to get a job, and for the adjustment for them moving so far away from "home"--Baxter Springs, Kansas.  Sherry was the only sibling who stayed close by our mother and daddy, so they are doing a lot of adjusting also.
Our friends, MarciaAlice Jonelle and Wayne Hill wanted to come and see us.  We had them scheduled to help us put our shed together, but then found out it was not arriving until this week.  So MarciaAlice and Wayne volunteered to help us start painting.  We started with the living room, entry, and hallway while they were here with us.  That ceiling area used 3 gallons!  So we figure it maybe had never been painted. 
It looks like I just stand around and watch, but we kind of took turns!
We were thankful for good help and fellowship while we worked.
Wayne painting the hallway ceiling.
MarciaAlice and Rowen in the living room.
The next day, they went with Elizabeth to the Ark Encounter.
MarciaAlice and Emily
November 5 was nice enough that they ate on the deck after their Ark Encounter.
What we did while they were at the Ark.  This is the upstairs hallway.
 Rowen's setup to paint the stairway ceiling!
Ice cream cones at Chick-fil-A after church that evening.
There is so much musical talent in our church family.  Here Andy and Sherilyn are singing a special song while Regina plays for them.  We enjoyed revival services November 1-6.
November 6 Sunday lunch.  It is amazing what beautiful weather we have had!
Friends from "back home" came to Kentucky for the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum.  Elizabeth and Emily went to Graeter's Ice Cream to visit awhile with Nancy Johnson and Maloria McAteer.  Maloria doesn't live in Johnstown anymore, but that's where we knew her from.  
Emily is gone to Texas to help a dear friend with her new baby for ten days.
Well, the painting continues, and is calling my name, so until next time....