Monday, November 19, 2018

October Old News, (By now)

Our first big adventure in October was a trip to Columbia, Missouri on October 5.  We met Randy and Joy and the kids at Steak n Shake and had supper with them.
Elizabeth with Mishael and Micah. 
 Emily with Jewelyn and Jonathan
 Rowen and Janet with Randy, Joy, and Quil
 The next day was Janet's sister, Marlene DeOrnellis's wedding to Tim DeOrnellis.  Tim happens to be Marlene's first husband's second cousin, so she didn't have to change her name.
It was good to see Janet's youngest brother Wesley, and cousin Kent.
 Janet's cousin, LaDeana, with Marlene and Sherry (Janet's sisters)
 Everybody (girls at least) were supposed to wear hats.  Janet's brother Lyndell, got in the spirit of things with his "Democrat" hat, which had donkey ears that wiggled when he pulled the invisible strings.
 Framing photo ops at the reception
 Part of the crowd, relatives, and hats
 Emily played prelude with an old friend, Kathy Fetterhoff
 Marlene and Tim's children were their attendants.
 People who participated in the wedding
 Jeffrey and Lesa at the reception
 The official wedding cake
 Aunt Carolyn and Wanda, Janet's mother
 The happy bride and groom
 Some of our family at the reception
 A picture of the bride and groom in the church
 The bride's parents and the groom's mother
 Uncle Deane, Kent, and Janet's daddy, Rex Scoles
 Some of the Smith cousins:  Kimberly Smith, Sherry Wampler, LaDeana Desmond
 Rex and Wanda Scoles, parents of the bride
 The original Scoles family, with the new brother-in-law
Rex, Lyndell, Janet, Wanda, Wesley, Brenda, Marlene, Tim, Sherry
 After the wedding all of our family that were there (missing Jason and Karen) went to Shakespeare's Pizza and ate together.  Grandma Janet and Felix played rolling a car back and forth across the table.  
Brenda and Felix
 The whole gang from one end of the table
 Tim's family had to go on home, but the rest of us journeyed up to Oskaloosa, Iowa. 
The next morning, Elizabeth, Lesa, and Jeffrey making breakfast
 A friend of ours from Iowa came to Omega Church to see us.
Tonya Poe was our friend in Colorado.
 The a.m. service was commissioning Jeffrey and Lesa for their next adventure in serving Christ.
 Pastor Brown and our kids
 We were sitting on one side with the McKay family
 Family picture after the service
 The McKay family with all of the Albertsons
 The McKay family who were present
 The church was decorated for fall so it made for nice pictures.
The paparazzi
 Jeff and Lesa with the (Randy Albertson) niece and nephews
 Lesa fixed us some yummy cheeseburger soup!
 Haley and Elizabeth with some of the kiddos
 A McKay tradition of waving towels as we left.
 GBSC Homecoming was the next weekend. Elizabeth and Emily helped decorate.
 Our nephew, Dr. Aaron Profitt was honored as Employee of the Year.
 From the slideshow about Aaron
 Aaron giving a speech
 One night Jason and Karen came over to play games.
 On October 14, we had Sam and Hannah Kinnaman, Zach and Rebekah Barkman, and Luke Hughes over for Sunday dinner.
 Janet finished this quilt to donate to the church guest room.  We got it back from the quilter on our trip to Marlene's wedding.  I got it bound in time to donate on Family Fest weekend.
I have wanted to make a quilt for the guest room since we stayed there two years ago when we moved to Kentucky.  We are very blessed with a wonderful church, and the quilt is a gift of thankfulness. 
At Family Fest October 20, we had a Corn Hole Tournament.  It was Rowen and Janet's first time ever to play it.
 Marianne Brown and Michelle Witt watching the games
 There was a Silent Auction going on inside the fellowship hall.  We won the guitar pictured in the center!
 Emily preparing to participate in the seed spitting contest!
 Our pastors preparing their seed spitting efforts.
 The Pie Contest
 So blessed that the weather was okay to eat outdoors!
 Pastor Andy feeding his daughter, Karilee
 The next day, as our pastor appreciation gift to them, we had the Stetlers and Strouds over.  The Cassady family also were invited, because they were there for Family Fest weekend.
The ladies and girls table
Janet wore her dress from our 25th anniversary, since our 35th anniversary was the next day.
A collage from one of our earliest couples picture and a recent one.
We were a bed and breakfast for Mikah Litchfield and her friends, Abby and Beth on October 26-27.  We got a new refrigerator that day, so the girls stood in the refrigerator spot in the kitchen! 
 The Harms family came for dinner on October 28, but we forgot the table picture.
 That evening started a missions conference at GBSC and Rowen and Janet went on Sunday evening.  We got to talk to our friend, Daniel Melton about missions in Honduras.  
 Michelle Witt and Elizabeth served at an international meal after the service.
 Fall was beautiful until the weather changed to cold and rainy and the leaves came down.
 Visitors at the nursing home to see Beulah were Charlotte's daughter, Alanna, husband, Lucas, and his dad, and their daughter Alice.
 Alice was sweet to let me hold her! 
 That's it for October!  In November, Jeff and Lesa came and spent most of two weeks and put in our new floor in the kitchen, dining room, hall, half bath, and entry.  Sometime I will get those pictures posted.  We are thankful for the new floor and for a fun time during our kids' visit.