Monday, May 7, 2018

April happenings

Emily went on tour with the GBSC Symphonic Wind and String Ensemble the end of March.  She blogged about that on her blog.  During that Spring Break, Rose Woodard stayed with us, as she did at Thanksgiving Break last fall.  After SWSE was back from tour, Danette also stayed with us for four days.  Gabby came over for Sunday with us on April 1.
We went for a walk that afternoon.
 Then swung and played tetherball at the park.
 On April 3-4, Joanna Johnston and Ray Bell came to visit us.  I was glad to present Joanna with her long awaited quilt.  She picked out the pattern (Ohio Star) several years ago.
 We played Ticket to Ride.
Emily took Ray and Joanna to GBS for classes and chapel and then the Ark Encounter the next day.
 On the Ark Bus
 The door of the Ark:  See the Cross?
We took them out to eat at Cracker Barrel that evening and they left the next morning very early.  We were so glad to have them come and to get to meet Ray.
Amy Weddle and Jonathan Kline's wedding was April 7.  It was a beautiful wedding.
 I always think it is funny that the bride gets to look at everybody and beam, and the groom has to watch the path and make sure they get down the aisle safely!
 That evening, it was our privilege to host Daniel Melton and his boys for an overnight stay.  Amy had served with the Meltons in Honduras and been the boys' teacher.
 Emily and Elizabeth had a fun time playing games with Kendrick, Kaleb, Kenton, and Kaden.  (The end of April, they added another baby brother, Kysen!)
 The boys enjoyed watching the birds at our bird feeders. 
 They are very sweet and well trained boys.  We enjoyed them very much!
 A funny picture from before church.  Elizabeth had taken this cabinet to use in the Sunday School class she taught that day.  Karilee got in it and looked for all the world like a Lee Middleton doll!
 Daniel Melton updated the church on the work in Honduras at church that morning.  His boys also told about their experiences in Honduras.
 At dinner that day, we were glad to have Danette's parents, grandparents, and brother.  We enjoyed the afternoon, getting acquainted with them.
 Caleb, Dan, Annette, Danette, Janet, and Nate Teed
On April 12, we started the long awaited shed foundation.
 After the framework was completed, Rowen made it level by adding legs of varying lengths.
Next the flooring
Finally, we got a barbecue grill!
Sunday, April 15, we had Anna, Danette, Dan and Martha Glick, and Kent Thelen as guests.  Kent graduated in 1979 with Janet.  On Saturday night, we saw on Facebook that he was in Cincinnati at a motel between flights from and back to Paris, France.  (He is a Delta airlines pilot.)  We messaged him inviting him to church and dinner with us, which he did!  It was such fun to catch up, as we haven't seen him since the last class reunion in 2009.  
 Rowen took Kent back to the motel to be on time for his flight, then we visited most of the afternoon with Dan and Martha
 while the girls played Ticket to Ride.
April 17-19 was Interchurch Holiness Convention in Dayton, Ohio.  Emily and Janet got to go for all of it, being driver and helpers for Retha Elger at her booth for puppet patterns.
Jason and Randy got to see each other, as Jason manned the GBS Master's Program booth and Randy was at the Faith Bible School booth.
 A portion of the crowd the first night.  It is impossible to picture it all in one photo.
 Day Two, ready for business
 Visiting with Rachelle Ferguson at her Plays with a Punch booth.
 Jason visiting with Ken Thompson, our life long friend
 Ken and Vicky Thompson with Janet
 We had lunch with Laura and Rachelle Ferguson.  They ran out of meat, so we were patiently waiting and visiting.  We have known the Fergusons "virtually" for about 12 years, but it was our first time to meet in person and really get to know each other.  What a blessing!  We found out that Laura and Janet were in a wedding together in 1984!
 Retha gave a dinosaur and a mouse puppet to the Cressmans, missionaries to Honduras.
 The SWSE played and the GBS choir sang that evening.
 Emily's area of the orchestra.
Emily and Rachelle on Day 3
 Our nephew, Dr. Aaron Profitt, spoke in the morning Bible Study.
We have many more pictures, but that is all I'm putting on.  Maybe Emily will have some in her blog later.
 Beautiful flowers and girl at GBS!
On April 21, we got back to the shed project!  The floor is down.
 Starting with the walls
 The end gables
 The front gable and doors.  We had to call in reinforcements--Elizabeth!
 Emily got home from CFA just in time to help us get the roof completed.
 Somebody had to be on top putting pressure against the screws going in from underneath.
AKA Emily in the box
 Finished, except for building the ramp!!!
The Sunday afternoon walk at Doe Run Park that turned into a hike.
Crossing the river on shaky rocks!
We finally found a path back to the parking area.  We learned not to go there in our Sunday clothes anymore!  
Rowen had three days off one week and got the blue bathroom painted Natural Linen.
 He also got to paint the guest room that color too.  These two rooms had never been painted when we did the rest of the house.
 Emily got to help!
 Rowen worked really hard on the deck...
 and got the table and umbrella up.
 He and Emily planted our Earth Boxes.
 We redecorated the guest room
 just in time for our next guests.
But before the overnight guests, there were the Sunday dinner guests:  Jonathan, Diane, and Kaden Asbell, Steve and Korin Harms, Kendra Wood, and Danette.
 Kaden and his parents just moved to Kentucky from Florida.
 Kendra has gone to school with the girls at GBS and worked with them at CFA!
 The Harms went on a neighborhood walk with us.  We've been enjoying all the pretty trees in bloom.
Then on Monday, April 30, Ken and Vicky Thompson came to spend the night and some time with us.
 What a privilege to have these dear people in our home!
And that's it for April, except for an experiment we are doing to see if we can keep deer out of our yard this year!  I made these little cloth bags and put a cube of Irish Spring in each one, sewed it shut and sewed a string on each one.  I tied them all (60) to the trees and shrubs around our house and property, especially in the back hedge where the deer loved to come last year.  Why would we not want those cute deer in our yard???  We think they brought us the unwanted gift of fleas, and we never want to go through that again.  So we are praying this works, like we read it would.
Now that the bushes are all greened up, they are not so noticeable.  But the Terminex guy said today that our yard really smells nice.  That's the other thing we are doing for insurance.  It's more expensive than Irish Spring!