Saturday, July 8, 2017

Family times in early July

Of course, a wedding is a good time to get together with family, so the first batch of pictures are from Jason and Karen's wedding day. 
Aunt Elizabeth is reading Jewelyn and Mishael a book while they wait for wedding time. 
 A little glimpse down our row at the wedding
 Joy and Mishael with Brenda and Felix
 Tim with Micah and Charissa, Jonathan in the background
Our niece, Shirlene and Jeff and family got to come to the wedding!
 Jewelyn and Charissa,  our granddaughters 
 At the reception: Two of Shirlene's kids, Jacob and Lacey, Shirlene,
Becky (Rowen's sister) and Ron Profitt
 It was a privilege to have Becky there, as her back surgery got postponed, allowing her to come.
 Becky's younger son, Adam and his family:  Valerie, 
Aubrey, Annie, Adley, and little Clay, two weeks old. 
 Randy visiting with his Aunt Becky
 Shirlene holding Mishael
 Shirlene visiting with her cousins, Jeffrey and Lesa
 Jeffrey holding Clay, and Lesa
 Becky and her daughter-in-law Valerie
 Albertson kin:  Shirlene, Janet, Elizabeth, Rowen, Adam, and Ron 
 Joy, Mishael, and Shirlene
 Elizabeth and Shirlene
 Back in Taylor Mill, Tim and Felix
 Charissa telling Jonathan something...
 Aunt Brenda "womanning" the kids' table
 Uncle Jeffrey with a lap full of nephews
Ready to go to church on Sunday morning
 Jewelyn got to ride in Grandma and Grandpa Albertson's van!
 Serving Sunday dinner buffet style around "St. George Island"
 Mishael playing jacks
 The outside table for the ones who did not mind the heat!
 The inside table for the folks who enjoy air conditioning!
 Joy's Great-aunt and uncle, Lois and Brian Harvey, were at church, so we invited them over to eat and get acquainted with us, and so they could see Joy more.
 Charissa looking at photo album with Lesa and Jeffrey
 On Monday morning, Randy's family left for SD.  Tim's family was invited to eat with Brenda's sister, so we took Jeff and Lesa to Chick-fil-A for supper.  A very nice lady took our orders--Elizabeth!  It was our first time to go to CFA since Elizabeth started working there.  Emily had already worked her shift so she went with us and took the pictures.
 July 4, breakfast time
 Before Emily went to work.
 Evening meal on the deck
 Emily in this picture
 We thought about going to see fireworks, but decided to make our own fun.  We went to IKEA and shopped, tossed water balloons in the front yard, played Dominoes and Taboo,
 and shot off some fireworks of our own.
 We had a lovely family time and said goodbye to our visiting family on Wednesday morning.  So thankful for safe travels for all the kids.
God is good!

June highlights

The biggest event to our family in June was the home-going on June 5 of Scott DeOrnellis, 
brother-in -law to Rowen and Janet, and uncle to our kids.  Our girls got off work and went with us to Columbia, Missouri.  Visitation was June 16.  Before it officially started, the family was all gathered and Marlene passed out corsages to each of her and Scott's parents and siblings.  We had a prayer time together.
 When the visitation started, there was a long line of people for about three hours.  All of Scott's family and Marlene's family were in a receiving line to greet each visitor.  
 Mother and Daddy
 We all had on name tags so people could know who we were and how we were kin to Scott.
 We were glad our son Tim and his family got to come, and we enjoyed seeing the grandkids.
 Felix went to sleep for me after the visitation was over.
Emily visiting with her Grandma Scoles
My cousin LaDeana and me
Some of the display that was at the funeral home and at the meal after the funeral
There were two cakes like this at the meal after the funeral.
Emily, Elizabeth, LaDeana, and Amanda, our niece
The casket and flower before it was brought into the sanctuary for the funeral
Scott had arranged for a lot of music for his funeral.  It was wonderful!
All of the original Scoles family were there.
Brenda, Lyndell, Janet, Sherry, Marlene, and Wesley
Original family with their spouses.  Wesley's wife wasn't able to come.
All of the Scoles family that was there.  All of our kids were there except for Jeffrey and Lesa, and Jason.  Randy had flown in from his Israel trip the night before and made it for the funeral.  There were ten from the Scoles family who couldn't come.
Randy's family with Grandma and Grandpa Albertson and Great-grandparents Scoles.
A sweet picture of Jewelyn and Great-grandpa
My mother and daddy with five of their seven grandchildren.  Randy's family lives in SD now, so it was a rare time for Mother and Daddy to see them.
At the graveyard service
We are thankful we got to go to the funeral to show our love and support for Marlene and Cody, and to see so many of our relatives and friends.  We are thankful for safe travels.
The next big event was
 VBS June 20-23 and 25 at Burlington Bible Church.  There were above 75 children each night, I believe.  In this picture of part of the attendees, the children were playing a song with handbells.
 Some of the helpers were given flowers.
 Jason moved to an apartment on God's Bible School campus in preparation for his marriage.
 Herb and Jenny Albertson and five of their six children visited us for a couple days.
We had a nice visit with them on Sunday and Monday evenings.  They went to the Creation Museum during the day on Monday while we were all at work.  We enjoyed the beautiful evening on the deck for the meal and games.
Herb's youngest uncle and Rowen's oldest nephew!
Abigail, Celeste, Daniel, Ezekiel, and Zachary.  B for Ben was the one missing.
The Chick-fil-A Albertson girls with Abigail
 We have been virtual friends with Joanna McKinney, who helps her missionary parents in Belize, for many years.  She came to the USA this summer to visit family and friends and go to several camps.  She was able to come to Kentucky and visit both the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum.  She came during the busiest week of our lives, so our dear friend, Retha Elger, hosted Joanna at her house.  We had both Retha and Joanna over for a meal the night Herb and family left for home.  This picture is taken at church on Wednesday night with Retha on the left and Joanna on the right.  Retha blessed Joanna by sharing a lot of children's ministry ideas with her (and taking her to the Creation Museum).  Joanna does about four children's services a week in Belize, so she welcomed the refreshment of new songs and ideas.  I got to visit with Joanna another time as I drove her to the airport on Thursday morning.  It was such a privilege to get to meet and spend time with God's servant, Joanna.