Tuesday, September 3, 2019

August 2019, a month of change

On August 4, Brothers Stetler and Sankey were out of town, so we had Sisters Stetler and Sankey for dinner.  That was a special treat.  We also had Emma and Elliana Wilson over.  They were such a big help all summer, helping with the bus ministry and Children's church.
 That evening, Emma and Emily sang a special song at church. 
 We had breakfast on the deck as often as possible the last few days of living on Stone Hill.
 On August 11, we had Jimmy Garcia and the Wilson girls for Sunday dinner.
 The girls and we went for a walk in the afternoon.
 That evening, the Daniel Melton family were at church and gave an update on the mission work in Honduras.  We love the Melton Family and appreciate what God is doing through them.
On Monday, August 12, Jeffrey and Lesa came through with Emily McKay and ate supper with us.  Then they took Emily on to KMBC for her to start college again, and then Jeff and Lesa drove back to our house to help us move.  They got in late in the night.
 Part of the packed boxes and totes...
 On the 13th, we signed papers selling our house on Stone Hill Dr. to Rob and Kilee Hollis.
 Rob and Kilee and our "closer" after the papers were signed.
 We went out to eat at Cracker Barrel to celebrate our house selling!
 The scene in our basement before moving
 The storage room packed up.
 More of the basement room packed up
 On the 14th, we bought the house on Allison Ave. in Florence.
 Us with our hard-working, persevering, patient, go-to-bat-for-you realtor, Krista Wilmhoff.  She has been a real big blessing to us!
 She even provided a huge meal for us at our new house!
 We got right to work!
 Emily made the wonderful sweeper stripes!
 Elizabeth and Lesa covered shelves and drawers.
 We had signs in every room to name the room and maps where to place the furniture.
 Rowen and Jeffrey got to work on re-routing the dryer vent.
  They are amazing!
 Elizabeth and Lesa did a beautiful job on the papering.
 Jeffrey re-keyed all the locks on the doors.  He also taught several of us how to do it.
 Janet put together a cabinet for above the toilet.
 Jeffrey and Lesa assembled and installed five ceiling fans: one in each bedroom, the dining room, and the sun room.
(Notice the signs by the door)
 Darrell and Regina helped us move the washer and dryer and a bunch of boxes over on Thursday morning.  They had a family reunion to be gone to on our moving day, so they helped us before they left for Alabama.  Jeff and Rowen had to change the dryer outlet before they could hook it up. 
 We put down cardboard to protect the floors. 
We moved all the kitchen stuff in ahead of the moving day.
 The girls brought arm chairs from GBS in the van.  
We had a lot of stuff in the house before the moving day.
 We got to eat on our round table again!  
It had been in storage since we started showing the house in May!
 We moved all the beds on Thursday and got them set up.  Rowen borrowed the Budget Blinds work truck to move the beds and table.  We wanted to get the freezer and extra refrigerator moved, but they were too tall for the work truck.
 Jeffrey and Janet installed the shower rod and Jeffrey changed out the shower heads for the "take down" kinds we prefer.
 Making the beds so we can sleep in the new house!
Rowen's boss gave us temporary blinds to use until we get our blinds ordered and installed.
 The girls making their bed.
 Jeff and Lesa making the guest bed.
 The real moving day was August 16.  We rented a Penske truck.  We had good helpers.  It was a hot day, but our church folk were brave and diligent.
 The group that helped load the truck:  Kelly Stamper and her kids, Melissa Loper, Andy Stroud.
 We had lunch at the new house.  Sherilyn brought pizza and we had Chick-fil-A nuggets, chips, pop, and CFA cookies.
 Some limbs had to be cut off to get the truck in the driveway.
 Brother and Sister Witt helped too, but didn't arrive in time for the other picture.  We loaded their van with stuff.  He probably worked too hard for his health, but we appreciated his help.
 Waiting for the limbs to be out of the way.
 Getting the food on
 Eating in the sunroom.  
 Lonnie and Leta Witt.  Leta was a great help opening and closing the front door for the carriers.  She kept a lot of flies out by being the doorkeeper.
 Some cute helpers!
 Karilee enjoyed being here for awhile.
 Jacob, Katie, and Kara Stamper were wonderful helpers.
 Lyle Witt and his boys, Bryan and Landon helped after lunch.  Lyle, Jacob Stamper, and Andy Stroud helped us move the last time.
 Soon after this group picture, there was a second trip made with the truck to get a few more things, including the piano.
 Tim and Noah Wilson helped with unloading the second time.  
Tim helped us move in the other time too.
 Elizabeth put together 9 cube organizer that Emily gets to use as a dresser now.
Saturday morning, Rowen, Janet, and Lesa went to Stone Hill and cleaned it completely and mowed and trimmed, so it was ready for the Hollises to move in.
 Danette came over on Saturday afternoon and helped by unpacking and organizing all the pantry items and putting everything in the pantry cupboard.  She was a huge help.
 We had a big mess, but made a lot of progress.
 By evening, we had our table big and so much cleared out!
 Sunday, August 18 was Convocation Day at GBS, so we went there for church and dinner.  Jeff, Lesa, and Elizabeth were visiting with the Harms and Nick and Nikita Black. 
 Steve, Korin, and Daniel Harms
 Elizabeth receiving her scholarship
 On the 19th, it was back to school and work.  
Jeff and Lesa had projects to do for us while we were gone.
 Jeff and Lesa went on an exploratory trip for about a week, and we worked hard to decorate and unpack while they were gone.

 We got a lot of decorating done on Janet's birthday, August 24.
Rowen got her a yellow rose to replace the one we left at Stone Hill.

 It's so nice to have our 'stuff' up on the walls again!
 We had a picnic on the patio for supper.
 Sometimes we let Emily be in the pictures too.
 Elizabeth took pictures further
 and further away.
Skyping with Grandma on Sunday morning.  So glad to have internet going and computer working!
On Sunday, August 25, we had our first guests for dinner. It's looking a lot better in here!
 Our guests were Retha Elger, Rebecca Bennett, Caleb and Danette Teed, and Jimmy Garcia.
 We played Things in the afternoon.
 The girls went to the College Picnic on August 27, even though it was rainy and the picnic had to be indoors.  Janet took the day off instead of going to GBS for the picnic.  The girls played Apples to Apples with several friends.  The older lady in the picture is Janet Burton, who is training Janet to replace her as Administrative Assistant to the VP of Constituent Relations.  They call us Janet A and Janet B.  She is a sweet and patient trainer.
 Jeff and Lesa returned from their trip and spent a couple more days with us.  Jeffrey devised a way to make our 4 library shelves in the basement more safe and stable.

 We are so glad to have this improvement.
 Janet and Lesa played Jotto one evening.
 Jeff and Lesa at supper time.
Rowen and Jeffrey had to find studs before installing laundry room cabinets.
 Lesa helped them.  One evening, they put in the cabinets above the washer and dryer.
 It looked like this...
 So the next evening, they added the tall cabinet for brooms and mops.
 We so much appreciate all the wonderful projects Jeff and Lesa did for us while they were with us.
The other major project Jeff did was building a manifold for filtering our water.

 Before they left on Saturday the 31st.
 Rowen's first haircut on the patio.
In other big news, our granddaughter, Mandylyn Joy Albertson was born on August 26.  She was 7#, 8oz and 22 inches long.  She was born at 8:57 pm Central Time.
Quil holding her.

Micah holding her
 Jonathan's turn
 Jewelyn finally has a sister!
 Mishael holding the baby.
 Aunt Joanna holding her.
 She's precious!
Mishael said, "You can take a nap, Mommy.  I'll take care of her."
  Joy had high blood pressure and had to go back in the hospital for over 3 days.  It was post partum preeclampsia.  She was very sick and weak and in terrible pain.  But she is home again now and we trust will continue to improve.  We are thankful for God's hand on her and the baby.
 Joy opening the package we sent her.  
She's holding the blanket Grandma Scoles crocheted for the baby.
We are so blessed and thankful.
New House!
New School year!
New grandbaby!!