Thursday, February 8, 2018

Christmas Week 2017

This picture taken on December 22, 2017 with Jeff and Lesa and Tim, Brenda, and Charissa.  Felix was there, but must have been in a nap since the high chair is empty.  Rowen is taking the picture. We appreciated the EXTRA time Jeff and Lesa and Tim and Brenda gave to our family for working on our shower.
Felix and Charissa enjoying playing with Aunt Elizabeth 
While the guys were so busy working, we girls played some games.  This is our homemade memory game with pictures from our past.  They are all turned over because you have to say what each one is before you can turn it over.
Tim and Brenda and kids spent half of Sunday, December 24 with her sister and got to see her new baby.  So we just had Jeff and Lesa with us for dinner.
Sunday afternoon, the Stetler family sang several songs.  We so much love and appreciate this family!
Tim and Brenda visiting with Regina after church.
Our church was early because of Christmas Eve, and snow came while we were at church.  Tim and Brenda's family in the snow!
On Christmas Day, we had Retha Elger over for games and fellowship.  She is a dear family friend and doesn't have family besides us to have Christmas with.  She and Emily had on their cardinal outfits.
I had to show Retha the green quilt that Tim and Brenda would be taking away to the quilter's when they went back to Missouri.  Retha is also a quilter.
 We kept out of the guys' hair as they worked on the shower project by playing games.
 Felix didn't mind being in the portacrib part of the time...
Charissa spent some time playing Legos.
 Janet made some pies.
That evening, while the rest played Settlers of Catan, Grandma and Grandpa entertained Felix by rolling the Shape-O ball back and forth across the table. 
Aunt Lesa read stories to Charissa and taught her to play Guess Who? using family group pictures on the wall.  
One evening, Lesa made stuffed tomatoes and stuffed peppers, using a Turkish recipe. 
 They were delicious!
 Aunt Elizabeth played Duplos.  (Aunt Emily had to work every day but Monday and Thursday.)
 We played Ticket to Ride one evening.  Because of only having one shower, we had to switch out players and have substitutes when it was shower time.  I was playing for Brenda in this picture.
On December 27, Jason and Karen were back from her family time in Chicago and Randy and Joy's family made it in.  We had to eat at two tables because of so many people.
 Visiting after supper 
 The kids played a lot in the basement
 Grandpa explaining how his pen worked for a cute and rapt audience:  Mishael and Felix
 Joy showing pictures on their computer to Jeff and Lesa.  Randy reading all the Christmas cards and letters.  Rowen keeping Mishael and Felix out of trouble! 
Grandpa reading to Jewelyn and Felix.
A new game: Tractor-opoly
 Since Janet did not get a new Grandma CD made, we asked Lesa to make an Aunt Lesa CD for the kids to have for Christmas.  She had to have a living Kid audience to record her stories.  Now the kids have their own CDs to listen to Aunt Lesa anytime they want to!
 Gotta play Risk at Christmas time... 
 Jewelyn getting some Aunt Emily time.
 Mishael taking his turn in the high chair
Kitchen helpers
 Finally Christmas dinner on December 28!
 Jeff and Lesa dressed alike
 The dads taking a turn with the kids' table
 The child-free table
 Our daughters-in-law
 The full set of daughters and Janet
 Rowen and Janet
 Everybody in the living room for presents with an empty chair for Emily, the photographer
 Jason and Karen surrounded by the nephews and niece
 Lesa, Jeffrey, Felix, Tim, Brenda
 Emily opening her present from Joanna
 Joy with her handmade doily from Grandma Scoles
 Karen with her doily from Grandma Scoles
 Grandpa with his dishes helper, Jewelyn
 Jewelyn and Charissa coloring together
 Playing Dutch Blitz
 Felix playing duplos
 Portacrib buddies!
Jeffrey and Lesa had to leave after supper because of the weather forecast for Iowa.  The rest of us played Wise Or Otherwise.
 Karen looking cute as she thought up a clever and wise saying
 Uncle Tim and Micah 
 Mishael:  I vote for that one!
 All of the grandkids
Randy and Joy and family left on Friday afternoon, but soon were back when their wheel bearing on the van went out.  Our mechanic couldn't work on it until after the New Year, so they got to stay with us a few more days.  Tim and Brenda stayed an extra day because Seth and Alesia (Brenda's brother) came to Kentucky to go to the Ark Encounter.  Tim and Brenda went with them on Friday, then they came to our house for supper.
 Randy and Joy hadn't seen Seth since Tim and Brenda's wedding, so it was great that they were still here and got to visit with them.  Jason and Karen came over too.
 The original Albertson boys...
Tim and Brenda left on Saturday morning.  
The boys did some coloring.
On New Year's Eve, our church had a Watch Night service and dinner.  Randy, Emily, Quil, and Micah went to it.  Jewelyn wasn't feeling well.  The rest of us didn't want to stay up that late.
Jeff and Lesa traveled back to Kentucky from Iowa on New Year's Day to help Lesa's sister on her drive to Virginia so it wasn't such a long trip by herself.  Then they went back with Randy's family after his van was fixed on Tuesday and were dropped off in Iowa as Randy's family journeyed to South Dakota.  We are thankful for the enjoyable family time and every safe mile!
God has been so good to our family! 
We are thankful most of all for Jesus and that all of our children are serving Him!